Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's finds.......ooh...lala

Today was "thrifting" Friday and this is what I found.......The "Stork" game for baby showers which is darling beyond words! I can't find a date on it, but it was manufactured by The Special Game Company of Little Rock, AK. It's similar to bingo. Just too cute to pass up! How about my new Easter bonnet? I just about flipped when I saw those beautiful millinery roses with velvet petals...had to have it!

I found those neat old print blocks...dirt cheap. Just thought they were cool and could be used in some sort of collage piece. The roll of wallpaper is waverly with little lavender rose buds. It was still unopened in it's package, so it's a full double roll. Last, but not least, is this AMAZING home dec fabric with yummy blues and greens. There's about 4 yards. I'm seeing some new pillows for the couch maybe.
Tomorrow is the flea market....YIPPEE!

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Wow !!! what a flea market you have in your area. Your finding the most divine items just gorgeous...and dont you dare touch that pink hat its the prettiest vision I ever did see besides your pink crown that is lol