Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun at the Flea Market

While hubbie and son were taking in the car show at the fair grounds today, I was inside playing at the flea market. I think we were there for a couple of hours. I could have done much more damage, but I refrained. I did pass up a Madame Alexander Pussycat doll very much like the one I had as a young girl. It was in pristine condition and the cryer box still worked. I may kick myself latter for passing it up, but I got the awesome underskirt you'll see below.

The is a bonnet I picked up for $5! The millinery is GORGEOUS on this hat. I may remove it at some point and re-purpose it in something else, but for now I love it on display.

There are no words to describe this luscious millinery! It had been removed from a hat. There are 6 flowers and 8 leaves.

This is antique lace and the piece on top is actually a cuff with the teeny tiny snaps still in place. The faux pearls just add to the charm along with the millinery leaves in that yummy ocean blue!

Picked up these vintage hankies for a buck a piece, as I LOVE old hankies!

How about this old gallon jar filled to the brim with buttons!

This is the lining of the underskirt. Love the details.

This lace just takes my breath away!

There is entredeux here and at the elastic waistband

Oooolaalaa! I almost flipped when I found this antique underskirt. Another woman was eyeing it and I was chanting under my breath..."just walk away...." As soon as she did, I snagged it!

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