Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another apron

I am having too much fun with these aprons. I don't use a pattern, so I'm designing it as I go along. I start with a fat 1/4 and build it from there. I've had this GORGEOUS old Madeira hankie with an "R" monogram done in shadow embroidery. The pics don't do it justice. Once again, the fabric is from the Moda line, "Aviary" and is sooooooo "deeeeeeeLISH!" I adore the soft shades of lime and pink and the delicate florals. I just get all giggly goo!!!
I've been visiting the quilt shop about every other day and I completely lose my mind as soon as I step inside. I forget why I'm there and it's so hard for me to make a decision...I want it all!

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