Thursday, April 9, 2009

Awesome Easter Basket!

As I was out de-weeding my flower beds yesterday, I got a wonderful surprise...Bobbie showed up with this giant Easter basket of goodies for me. It was my "prize" for winning the "Easter Bonnet Parade" contest with my Easter Crown. Bobbie is the sweetest gal you'll ever meet and oh so talented! My basket even had a trophy in it! My very own trophy! And a PRETTY trophy at that! A big bottlebrush tree and tiny eggs to decorate it with were included along with pastel tinsel, a gorgeous glass garland, a cute little bunny that walks when you wind it up, and wonderful ruffled crepe paper from "Birds of a Feather." Wonderful eye candy and I just got all googly over it........thank you so much, Bobbie! OH, I forgot to mention the giant easter egg Bobbie created! Pictures don't do it justice! It's backed with vintage wallpaper to boot!

Yes, I put my crown on, grabbed my trophy and danced around the case you were wondering!

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