Monday, May 11, 2009

Tutu Apron

This is my "up-cycled" tutu apron! I guess it's not really a tutu by tutu standards, but that's what it feel like when you put it on.
It started with a trip to the thrift store, a frequent occurence for me. I came upon this darling little girl's giraffe print skirt. I think it's a giraffe's brown and I believe leopards are black. Anyhoo....I bought the little skirt and took it apart when I got home. It had a blue velvet ribbon around the waist, which I used in another latest crown!

I had the ruffle in my stash and the pink polished cotton. I knew I wanted a dash of hot pink, so I went with it. I just happened to have a spool of dark fuschia velvet ribbon. It was long enough to wrap around the back and come back to the front to tie. I tried it on and just wanted to dance around the room...and I DID!

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