Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Collaborative Art Swap

I joined a swap group and have had so much fun. One of the swaps was a collaborative art journal swap. I had to do 2 pages for 2 partners and the theme was black and white. Here's what I came up with...

This is all 4 pages

this went to one partner...hope and dream

this went to my 2nd partner

I'm happy to report that both of my recipients were happy with their pages. I have not yet received mine, but look forward to it as well as the next leg of this fun journey.

It's another rainy day here in OKC. Sure is green and pretty out there. I set out 2000 ladybugs in the garden Saturday night and they are lovin' this rain!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the collages! Especially the one that says "Violet" since that's my Mom's name. You are sooooooooo talented, girlfriend!


honstuff said...

You are TOOOOOO sweet!