Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Imperfection is beautiful!

I recently had the pleasure of taking a KC Willis class at one of my favorite little shops here in OKC, Paper Crown! I met KC online last year when I took her Collage Camp workshop. We became friends on facebook and the rest is history! Finally getting to meet her, in the flesh was such a treat. We both feel like we've known each other a long time...kindred spirits!

I titled this piece "Imperfection" just seemed to fit!
Me and KC...LOVE her!

The beautiful thing about this class was... KC just put a blank canvas in front of me. I added the background fabrics, she gave me some direction and let me

Crazy patchwork hearts!

After I machine stitched all the little pieces in place. This was time consuming, but well worth it.   

I added vintage buttons and lace....
More do dads! I wish you could feel all the different textures.
KC said, "there are NO seam rippers in ripping out stitches." You get what you get. I LOVE  that. A lesson in letting go and seeing the beauty in the imperfect. 
I had to add in a few "clumpies", strips of fabric, an old doily, and millinery flowers.  Clumpies are what you get in your washing machine when you wash canvas and the edges fray. You're left with this AMAZING ball of clumped up thread!
There it BEAUTIFUL "imperfect" wall hanging! It measures 29"x 21". 
Thank you, KC, for a WONDERFUL day! For sharing your secrets, your knowledge, your amazing talent and your heartfelt stories!

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jackie said...

i love your wall hanging and so glad you got to take KC's class.......she is a great teacher and full of inspiration and talent!