Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spreading my wings...

I am so behind on my journal pages. I should have about 20 pages started and I just completed page 3...yikes! I do have a very good excuse, though. I took a left turn, a delightful left turn, and embarked on a jewelry soldering workshop from the super talented Cat Kerr. But that's a future post.

I recently discovered Plaster Craft mesh and wanted to make a couple of hearts with it and I did. While doing so, these wings just kind of evolved.
Free form wings with some old lace!

Love this bird nest stamp!
Tissue Tape from Tim Holtz and one cute Mr. Rabbit!

 So, this page kind of represents me spreading my wings this year. Makes sense when my word for the year is "Fearless!" Fearless and flying...I like it!

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Carla said...

Perfectly lovely. You will have so much fun with the soldering. You are growing your hands on skills beautifully. Oh, my swap heart came in the mail today..absolutely STUNNING!! I have so many questions about your techniques and supplies. So happy to have one of your works of heart. Hope to see everyone next time at Glitter Market. ((Hugs))