Thursday, January 3, 2013


So here we go with another new year. Remember when you were a kid and the year 2000 seemed like a space odyssey? Should I feel old?'re as young as ya feel, right? Ok, maybe that's not a good analogy. haha!

I just recently took on a challenge from the wonderfully talented mixed media artist, Kelly Hoernig. I met her on facebook via a mutual friend, who just knew we'd hit it off.  Kelly started a group, art aMUSEment on fb and the challenge is to put together an art journal and she's put together prompts to help spark our imagination. Our first assignment was to choose a word for 2013. Something that meant something to us. I chose the word, "fearless."  I am my own worst enemy, so I hope to get out of my own way and just be free to be ME!

So, here is my cover page for my journal. I've chosen to use 90lb water color paper, mainly because it's what I had on hand and I want to use up what I've accumulated.  I hope you all enjoy the ride of 2013 and if you hit a bump, just get back on and keep pedaling!

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jackie said...

Maybe this year will be your best ever without any BUMPS in the road! You can do it and you are on the right road to be fearless...........