Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shades of Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. When summer fades and you feel that little bit of crispness in the late afternoon. The sun sits lower. The squirrels are in full force running on roofs and telephone lines dropping acorns along the way. My dogs love to scout for them and eat them.

Today I started looking around me and seeing all the different shade that "fall" into the catagory of Autumn. I have red hair and have seen it metamorphous into different shades over the years. Some prettier than others. That orange shade at 13 was NOT good! I have a huge pyracantha bush in my front yard and decided to cut a couple of branches and put them in this cool old bottle I have. Pyracantha have some very large sharp thorns, so one must be careful. I am NOT one of those! I always seem to think I'm exempt from pain. lol

This is a quilted throw I have on the back of a vintage wicker chaise.

A pumpkin I made from muslin, stuffed, painted, stained, distressed, etc.

Indian Corn...

Need I say more?

Halloween tights and shoes..

Last, but not, least...gourmet apple caramel muffins!

What shades of Fall are you enjoying?


Robin Thomas said...

I had an enormous pyracantha at my last house, I had forgotten how gorgeous those berries are...and about those muffins, girl, do tell more...

jackie said...

I love all your pics of fall. The branches are wonderful. I would love to sink me teeth into those delicious looking muffins......I want that recipe!

Glad your feeling like celebrating fall..........keep it up!

Jerry Nix said...

very nice. but where have you hidden the m & m's?