Thursday, October 7, 2010

Along My Way...

I have 3 basset hounds who are out of control. Well, maybe not out of control, but they allow my husband and I to share the house with them. Most people would call us crazy, including me! I've been trying to walk them every day, but it's impossible to walk all three at the same time. They all take off in different directions and I end up in a tangled mess. Therefore, I walk one at a time around our lake. Yesterday, when it was Trixie's turn, I decided to take the camera. The first thing we came along was this beautiful flag blowing in the breeze. Anytime I come across a flag like this I get all choked up inside. It reminds me how lucky I am to be an American.

This is my Trixie Doodle happy pup!

Next, were the geese. Ah, the geese! My husband thinks he was a goose in a prior life, so I have come to love them, but I don't talk to them like they're my babies the way he does. I love the beauty of their feathers and the graceful way they float across the water. It makes me smile when I hear their squawks as the fly over our house throughout the day. Once in awhile, we'll even find them in the driveway or just walking down our street. Talk about a crazy sight!

Goose Crossing

I'm sure these sunflowers got my allergies acting up, but they sure are pretty.

The leaves are dropping, but not exactly pretty ones. There's a part I walk that has gorgeous leaves and I need to go walk there and see what it looks like now. May be a little early.

What's to come...

Here's a colorful tree. Being a fairly new resident of the state of OK, I have no idea what kind of tree this is. Didn't have these back in AZ, at least not that I know of. Not much of a tree connoisseur, not around here, anyway.

However...this is my favorite tree around the lake...

So there you have my walk yesterday. It was a glorious day, about 78 degrees with a nice breeze. Turbo, Trixie and Petunia came home and crashed after their journey in the sun. I hope you all find the time to go out and enjoy nature at it's finest!

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jackie said...

I love to walk and look at all that is around...........we are lucky to live in AMERICA!

Thanks for the walk and I love those husband use to have one.

So glad you are feeling up to walking.