Thursday, June 4, 2009

Apron fit for a QUEEN!

I found this GORGEOUS sheer fabric in the home dec section of a local shop and bought 5 yards of it not having any idea what I was going to do with it. A friend made a comment about what a pretty apron it would make. That started the wheels turning.

I wanted it to be frilly and girlie, so I added one ruffle, then a layer of lace from my stash, then another layer of some crinkly silk type fabric I found at another store. I found a bag of AMAZING vintage rhinestone buttons at my favorite antique store and added those to the bottom.!!!

I had all this fabric that I tried to make a draped effect with and had enough to twist and turn into what I call a "rosette" in the center on top of the ruffles. There's a bit of seam binding around the rosette...the leaves...and then a bow at the waistline. The ties are really long, so they can wrap around the back and come back to the front and tie in a loopy drapey bow. I feel like royalty when I put this apron on!


Diane Duda said...

Hi! I wanted to stop by and thank you for voting for Flyght and being a part of my give-away. :)
The apron is lovely. The fabric reminds me of one of the prom dresses my mom made me...way back when.
I wonder if she still has it???

About Shelley said...

love the apron!!!! So pretty and shiny! I love it