Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Wooden Spring Bags

I just finished more of these little wooden Spring bags. My daughter got me started on them when she called a few weeks back and wanted me to come up with something she could fill with goodies and give to her fav clients. She's in medical device sales and took them to doc's offices. After I shipped her's off, I wanted to make some to list in my Etsy shop, so here's the sneak preview! Hope you like!

This old cabinet door came out of the house my hubbie lived in when he was a small boy. It's in Ryle, OK and falling down. His father and grandfather built the cabinets. My hubbie and son risked life and limb going into this house a few years back to retrieve this piece of history for me. I just love the chippy paint, rusty hinges, and glass knob!

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