Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Frustrating Day

I get up in the morning and have great plans for great accomplishments. I started cutting out pieces for a new quilt the other night and discovered that I had screwed up the triangles...long story. While visiting my newest grandson in Branson last week, I found an AMAZING quilt store that had an AMAZING selection of "Cake Layers" from Moda. I bought a couple along with a pattern book and started the grueling process of cutting the other night. Too many distractions, I guess, so I messed up a little. Thankfully I have extra "layers" to cut from, so no big deal.

My goal today was to finish cutting all the pieces and start sewing. Triangles can be tricky, so I wanted to try a block and make sure I got it right. I also have a baby quilt I want to make AND a strip quilt to finish AND a painting to continute and.........on and on! I was stopped in my tracks by a migraine...UGH! Had to take my Imitrex and go to bed for a couple of hours. I always feel like a stroke victim, or what I assume to be a stroke, so don't trust myself to anything too difficult and triangles certainly fit that bill for me.

So, I've piddled around on the computer and read some, ate some ice cream, took a hot bath, and basically watched the day fly by. There's always tomorrow, right?

Maybe hubbie and I will find a movie on demand to watch. Our netflix has been sitting her for weeks. Guess we need to send them back, so we can get something new. They seemed to have got lost in the craziness of life............I know one thing for sure. I'm tired of listening to basketball!

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