Monday, October 24, 2011

Ooo...Ooooo...Witchy Woman...

I was recently in Salt Lake City for my daughter's wedding. I actually spent 2 months in preparation for it. I also made her dress, but that will be another post. There's a wonderful place called "Gardner's Village" and it was decked out for Halloween. The theme was witches...witches EVERYWHERE.  I should back up and tell you that it's a little village of shops and there's a restaurant and a bakery, fudge shop, kiddie  book store and spa and the shops are each unique in their own way. You can find clothes, home decor, quilts, jewelry, costumes and Halloween goodies coming out the....well, you get my drift. They have a night when everyone, store personnel AND patrons dress up as witches and they say it's INSANE!  Packed with witches! I swear next year I'm flying back there just for that. They have hay rides, bobbing for apples, etc.  So, without further the witches!

I think she had a little trouble with her landing gear.

Kira, my daughter, with a trio.  They rotated in a circle.

Such manly hands!

Such a pretty setting.  I'm not sure this one can be trusted.

Uh OH...she's gonna blow the joint up!

Hoola Hoopin' Wild One!

She's calling for help with that painful wart on her knee.

Could that REALLY be her child?

This was inside of my favorite shops. Not a very good photo.

Just strolling through the grounds.

                                                            This needs no explanation! :)

My bff, Margo, a former "Hooters" gal.

This was on top of the most awesome quilt shop. Not a typical fabric shop, but beds covered in them and furniture.  HUGE shop. This village used to be some kind of mill, so some of the bigger shops actually have parts of the mill in them. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was so overwhelmed and in awe.

These two actually moved.  The one in the front "flew" back and forth on a wire and the one behind her moved her arms up and down directing her where to go.

This was my favorite.  Her legs pedaled and the bike went back and forth on the wire. this was another favorite.  She had no shame. When ya gotta poo, ya gotta poo!

Fun hats hanging on the porch of one of the shops.

The faucet's green water actually moved and "steam" came up from the caldron.

This restaurant has won awards and I had the best hot open faced turkey sandwich. Just got old home cooking.

Fun decor on a porch.

 The shop inside Archibalds. It was huge. Upstairs and downstairs. This building was actually part of the mill. Very cool inside.

Antiques mixed with the new.

I would love to have this in my yard. The flowers were beautiful all over SLC.

This shop had clothes. I bought several scarves there.


There goes mom and dad's insurance premiums!

Outside my favorite quilt shop. The porch was full of Halloween quilts and decor.

A babbling brook.


Nothin' like a dog and a brew.

Thanks for stoppin' in. I'll see y'all for Witches Night Out!

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