Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Little...Two Little...Three Little....

On April 9, 2011, my son will marry the girl of his dreams.  When did he grow up?  It seems only yesterday he was this adorable little blonde boy lining his matchbox cars up on the floor ready to race...gentlemen...start your engines!

Now, as he and Tracie embark on this new adventure, wedding plans begin to unfold. A decision was made to have Scooter's cousin's little girls as the flower girls. They were all here for Thanksgiving, so we took them  shopping to choose their dresses. Talk about FUN!  Let me introduce you to our little angels...


        Miss Piper

                                                                      Miss Kennedy

                                                                        Miss Emma

Piper and Kennedy are sister's and part of a set of triplets. Emma is their cousin.  All are 3yrs old.
                                                             They LIKED the flip flops!

                                                              Hair ornaments and bling

Now for the dresses....strike a pose...VOGUE!

Check back in April to see the outcome of this shopping adventure.  Aren't they just the cutest things?  Something tells me their daddies are going to have their hands full as they grow up!


jackie said...

Oh my goodness they are the sweetest little angels ever! It looks like a postcard Nan. Congratulations on your sons up coming marriage! Sounds like a sweet wedding on the horizon.

We sure have missed you girl! Come see us sometime.

Robin Thomas said...

Seriously, they are all three so pretty. Your pictures are beautiful, too.

Congratulations, Nan, that is very exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

Where does the time go?

The girls look like they will just as much fun as the adults!

Anonymous said...

sooo good to hear from you...!
those little girls are precious...
little girls and weddings, they almost steal the show from the bride...enjoy all planning but save a little time to come visit me at the store. can't wait to catch up!