Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lace...lace...and more lace!

It's 4am and I SHOULD be sleeping, BUT, I'd much rather read through endless blogs and search for creative ideas and on and on and on....

My wonderful bff, Janet, who lives in Southern California, is the Queen of estate sale and garage sale finds. (Love you, girl) I happen to be the lucky recipient of such finds..well, some of them, anyway. Last week, I get this box from her stuffed with lace...lots of lace. All kinds of lace! Some pieces look like they've been cut off of a garment. Maybe the hem of a dress or a collar. I'm a lover of many things and lace is at the top of the list. I will let the photos speak for themself.

Isn't this old paper spool of lace to die for? I wonder what my first project will be with this lace. Hmmmm...any ideas?


Robin Thomas said...

Go ahead and send my address to your friend. Ha! Great stuff Nan stuff.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

You lucky girl!!! I love vintage crochet lace so much! Those are some beautiful pieces!!