Friday, February 19, 2010

Muted Paper Wreath

While most of you are tucked nicely away in your down filled beds, I'm determined to finish this project I started a few days ago. Why in the middle of the night? Why not? If you can't sleep, then you may as well create! Just remember that when I start to not make sense...I can hear the snickers now!

I think we all pretty much know the paper liner technique by filters, cupcake liners, candy cups, whatever size you prefer. So much can be done with these besides brewing a fresh cup of java or encasing that delectable chocolate morsal...I digress. Soooo, I chose the candy cups for this project and soaked or dipped them in brewed hot tea. Some stayed in the pot longer than others, so it gave me various shades of yum! I learned quickly that if the paper dried, it was harder to work with and glue to my form, which just happened to be pipe cleaners (not too sure I liked that...kind of flimsy to work with). They do dry quickly, so better to work with them still damp. If they dried out too much, back in the pot they went.

I just pinched and glued...pinched and glued...and pinched and glued. I also dipped the two little doves before glueing them on. Oh...I used hot glue for this project. I tied seam binding around the top for the hanger and also tied it in a couple of bows, along with some tulle for the top. I added some old millinery flowers here and there and...viola!!

The doves needed just a bit of something, so I took my Zig glue pen and just brushed it along the wings and sprinkle some Sugar Coating glitter on it and just love the way that turned out. It was one of those "awwww" moments! I hung the wreath on the frame of the bed in our guest room and just had the lamp on. Another "awww" moment when I saw how muted it came out in the pics, at least for me. It could be because it was 3am and my Lortab was kicking in...LOL!

My son is engaged and I was thinking how pretty something like this would be in a wedding...hmmmm. I have another idea for some cupcake liners...something different to use as a dye. If it works, I'll be sure to share it with you. If not...then never mind!

Nighty Night...


Honey Lamb and I said...

Ohhhh I love it!!! Thanks for the tutorial I want to make one too!

Robin Thomas said...

Nan, it is beautiful. Usually when I don't sleep I lay there and have the bad thoughts. So much smarter to sniff glue instead. I am just seeing topiary centerpieces done like that. Could be beautiful. Well done, hope you are sleeping now... said...

Just lovely! And thanks for the tip, I didn't realize the cups should be wet if you make one of these.